Settlements & Verdicts

Settlements & Verdicts

 $3,400,000 award – Bicyclist struck by truck
$3.4 million awarded to a young woman who sustained severe de-gloving injuries when an oil truck ran over her as she bicycled in South Philadelphia.

$2,500,000 award – Pedestrian struck by taxicab
A medical intern was awarded $2.5 for traumatic brain injuries suffered when struck by a taxicab while crossing Market Street in Philadelphia.

$1,850,000 award – Trucking accident
$1,850,000 awarded to a man whose vehicle was struck by a delivery truck, saddling him with permanent disabling injuries requiring cervical spine surgery.

$1,475,000 verdict – Trucking accident
A woman received nearly $1.5 million in damages for de-gloving injuries incurred when a tractor-trailer struck her car, ejecting her from the vehicle.

$1,200,000 award – Motorcycle/dram shop accident
$1.2 million awarded to a man injured when a drunk driver pulled out of a parking space, striking him as he rode his motorcycle. The accident resulted in right leg amputation. Recovery was made from the driver’s automobile insurance and the insurance for the bar that sold alcohol to the driver, who was visibly intoxicated.

$1,155,000 settlement – Automobile accident
$1,155,000 awarded to a husband and wife severely injured in a highway automobile accident in Maryland. Settlements were achieved under the liability and underinsured motorist coverage for both.

$1,050,000 award – Motorcycle accident
More than $1 million awarded to a motorcycle operator struck by a vehicle entering the highway, causing multiple fractures and permanent disability to the 42-year old husband and father of three.

$850,000 award – Slip and fall
$850,000 awarded to a woman who slipped and fell while delivering goods to a mall in Delaware County, injuring her back and knee.

$750,000 settlement – Medical malpractice
$750,000 awarded to a family whose child was left with severe left brachial plexus birth palsy caused by a difficult and ill-performed vaginal delivery.

$665,000 award – Rear-end collision
A woman received $665,000 in compensation for being rear-ended during her drive home from work, severely injuring her back and neck.

$650,000 verdict – Fall on loading dock
$650,000 awarded to a deliveryman whose slip and fall on a loading dock was caused by a defective dock lift. He sustained injury to his foot, requiring surgery.

$600,000 verdict – Intersection collision
A young man received $600,000 after sustaining head injuries in a vehicle accident, resulting in cognitive deficits.

$550,000 settlement – Wrongful death
More than half a million dollars awarded to the family of a 70-year old man given improper aftercare in the wake of hip surgery, leading to death caused by thromboembolism.

$500,000 award – Slip and fall during employment
Half a million dollars awarded to a construction worker who slipped and fell over a property defect while on the job, resulting in a lumbar fracture and permanent disability.

$450,000 settlement – Wrongful death
$450,000 awarded to Lancaster County parents whose delayed c-section led to the birth of brain-dead child.

$450,000 award – Slip and fall
A schoolteacher received $450,000 in damages after slipping and falling on defective steps on school property, injuring his knee and back.

$350,000 settlement – Medical malpractice
$350,000 received by a woman who needed a revision after her total hip replacement was performed improperly.

$250,000 award – Workers compensation
A quarter million dollars were awarded in favor of a claimant injured on the job when struck by a falling box.

$200,000 settlement – Intersection collision
$200,000 awarded to an elderly client who sustained a fracture to her forearm when struck by a car that went through a red light.

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