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Insurance/Bad Faith Claims

You thought you were covered, only to find out your insurance company has refused or denied your claim. Suddenly you, the blindsided policyholder, are saddled with sky-high debt – the very debt you sought protection against by buying insurance in the first place!

This shouldn’t be the case. Insurance providers are bound by law in most jurisdictions of the United States to deal with you in good faith – that is, with the assumption that your claims are based on legitimate needs. When they don’t, we do, helping you to secure what’s due to you in the wake of your provider’s contract breach. Dion, Solomon & Shapiro has successfully represented thousands of policyholders facing the following scenarios:

  • Vehicle theft – denial of payment
  • Fire claims – denial of payment
  • Failing to pay a covered claim
  • Delaying payment on a claim
  • Negotiating unfairly in an effort to get you to take less
  • “Losing” investigative evidence that validates a claim
  • Telling you that you have no claim
  • Failing to defend you when a claim is made against you
  • Failing to properly investigate a claim
  • Refusing to admit the cause of a loss

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