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Contract Disputes

Contract disputes arise when one signer of a contract fails to fulfill their agreed-upon commitment, or tries to sidestep contractual obligations altogether. They also surface when a contract is poorly written, when the passing of time renders it moot, or when a party performs substandard work.
Dion, Solomon, & Shapiro is equipped and experienced in handling contract cases of all sizes and varieties, helping clients translate their stance and terminology to a jury or judge in a manner that’s critical to securing appropriate restitution.

Below is a list of situations in which contract disputes often arise – and are worthy of legal representation:

  • Failure to honor insurance contract (life, auto, or home)
  • Denial of homeowner claim
  • Denial of auto theft claim
  • Failure to adequately perform repairs under a home  construction contract
  • Failure to pay disability claims under disability policy

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